Know the Man

By Dr. Abrar Ahad Wani


Foreword by:

Mufti Nazir Ahmad Qasmi
Dr. Rafiq Ahmad Pampori
Syed Arshad Hussain Nadvi


The creator of the universe adored the Earth with innumerable creations. The vast sky, bright sun, brilliantly shining stars, huge mountains, green meadows, variety of plantation, ferocious animals, a variety of birds, dense forests, deep oceans with innumerable living beings in them; all and much more reflect the majesty of the Creator. These all infer the existence of lofty Creator. In this universe the best creation is the human being. He is the  best example of the attribute of creation (Al-Khaliq). He is above all other creatures in bodily features, intellect, understanding, emotions and speech. He is the most respected creation and other creatures have been made subordinate to him. The creation has been presented by the Lord as an  evidence of His creativity and this human being has been mentioned with exclusiveness


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